K9 Parent Training

Our Mission Statement

Everything we do is done so with the intention of being a catalyst for families to live progressively with their loved ones. We are dedicated to seeing breakthroughs in family learning.  Utilizing dog training, lifestyle conversation, and related services to enhance the human/dog relationship, K9PT aims to be a platform for finding fulfillment in life with your dog. Serving the Palm Springs area, we desire to build relationships with people who are committed to accomplishing more with and for their dog.  K9PT envisions the growth of a community of K9 Parents who are a network of extended family to share success stories and learning experiences with. A support group for navigating life with your dog. K9PT strives to be a resource for families not just for K9 education, but for living an enhanced life with your dog.


Why, How, What

K9 Parent Training has a vested interest in real families getting real results.  We’ve seen first hand the experiences dogs have in animal shelters and care deeply about ensuring we are an influence in keeping them in loving homes. K9PT hopes every family realizes the full potential of what is possible when dogs and humans who live together, very clearly understand each other. We   want families to succeed in improving life with their pets because we believe that every family deserves harmony at home.

Through many years of experience in teaching people, K9PT excels in engaging people and uniquely emphasizes K9 Parents being the priority for learning in dog training. We know that in order to change habits in dogs, human habits must change first. With so many dog training options out there today focusing on training the dogs, K9PT specializes in focusing specifically on quality coaching and instruction for the human in the relationship, and we can train your dog too!

K9PT provides educational services for families who live with dog family members. K9 Parents can dramatically improve their lives with their fury companions by participating in services that include free phone consultations, obedience training, behavior modification training, doggie training camp, workshops, private sessions, as well as pet cpr and first aid training. Are you ready to begin your training so you can accomplish more in your life with your dog?


MEet manny

Before entering the world of dog training, Manny spent nearly two decades working in the role of Coach/Instructor in various athletic and performance art platforms. He has many years of experience working with  kids, parents, families of all kinds, and teaching in group and individual settings.

Specializing in troubleshooting common household behavior problems and modifying reactive behaviors, he brings to the table extensive experience in training dogs from his years of service with the Palm Springs Animal Shelter and position as the PSAS Training and Behavioral Specialist. There he headed the Training and Enrichment Department and oversaw staff and volunteer dog team programs. He now travels periodically to North Central Florida to train dogs at an Advanced Behavioral Training Center, the National Canine Center, operated by Dogs Playing For Life.

In line with the Palm Springs Animal Shelter’s mission to build a community for responsible pet stewardship, he is now shifting focus from his years of service in the shelter world, to being out in the community in order to better serve families in need of straight forward and practical training services.  Manny's application of Balanced Dog Training is clear, fun, and engaging. Through proper practice, patience, and consistency from you as your dog's handler and leader, your furry friend will be happier than ever!