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• behavior modification

• Doggie Training camp  

• workshops 

• private sessions

• pet cpr and first aid training

Monthly Subscriptions

K9 Parents can take advantage of large savings by electing to be a monthly subscriber for remote training support.


Clients can use up to three 30 minute phone calls, video chats, or a combination of them per month. Remotely troubleshoot challenges with your dog and work on training exercises for improvement.

Doggie Training Camp

All programs are taken on a case by case basis. Families must be existing training clients to take advantage of this service. At least one private session is required for consideration. All programs focus on working for a calm state of mind. They come with regular media updates so you know what your dog is working on and where their progress is. Each program also includes working on specifically requested behaviors and follow up/transfer training at the end of the program. Contact directly for scheduling.

$1,000/ One week program

This program is designed to install the basic foundational frame work for your dog. In one week we will teach your dog how to learn. We will cover mainly indoor behaviors and expectations as well as learning to be calm. Dogs will begin to learn marker words for communication, engagement training, sit, down, and place. Those, along with an introduction to crate training and basic leash maneuvers, will act as the legs to stand on for the rest of your dog’s training.

$1,600 - Two week program

This program is designed to go further into detail with the basics. In the second week we begin to add distance, distraction, and duration into the basic commands. We also begin to introduce intermediate skills such as coming when called, the out command or leaving something alone, as well as extended leash skills.

$2,400 - Three week program 

This program is designed to dive deeper into strengthening the basic skills and go further with the intermediate skills. We also continue working on more advanced leash walking skills. Three weeks also allows us time to begin working your dog through any bad habits they might have. 

$3,000 - Four week program

This program is designed to focus on behavior modification. Similar to the three week program, we focus more time on expanding a strong foundation of basic and intermediate skills, as well addressing bad habits. Once we install a strong foundation, we can turn our attention to trouble shooting and improving more challenging behaviors. Though sometimes we do end up needing a longer training program, four weeks allows us to work on alternative habit forming for your dog.

Maintenance Training:

Doggie Training Camp Alumni


Are you heading out of town? Is your dog a boot camp alumni? This is the service for you. K9 Parents who have taken advantage of our boot camp service can have their dogs return to K9PT for a shorter boarding service. This service was designed to provide convenience and peace of mind to owners who have to be out of town but want their dogs to brush up on training skills. Contact directly for scheduling.

Individual Private Sessions


Utilizing private sessions for undivided attention with Manny, K9 Parents can trouble shoot household behavior problems and work on improving a variety of obedience skills right from their own home.

Multi-Private Session Packages

2 for $250(Save $50) • 3 for $375 (Save $75)
4 for $500(Save $100) • 5 for $600(save $150)

Must use all sessions within 90 days.

Packages provide a special opportunity for K9 Parents to gain momentum in their training journey by scheduling multiple appointments within a reasonably close amount of time. This allows for the at home lessons to be built on one another and results in much faster learning. Because multiple sessions create consistency in the process, both humans and dogs better retain the new information. There is of course the large savings to consider when deciding on if a package is right for you! All packages include follow up transfer training. It’s recommended to schedule each session at least within one week from the previous appointment.

Full Day Training

$1,000/ day

Are you a business or organization? Maybe you’re an extremely dedicated owner. Take advantage of booking Manny for a full day of training. Whether it be working dogs, teaching staff or volunteers, assessments, or support consultations, Manny will be on site and ready to help tackle whatever your canine educational needs are. Training can be either one on one, group, or both. Clients can have undivided attention for any training need. Contact directly for scheduling.


Rates Vary

K9 Parents can participate in a variety of workshops. Some include dogs, some do not. Work shop presentations integrate lecture, demos, and hands on activities in order to create an optimal learning experience. K9PT hosts a variety of workshops from Pet CPR and First Aid to Dog Training Fundamentals and more. Watch our schedule page for the heads up on when work shops become available. 



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